Elodie : the best self-mapping indoor autonomous vehicle for your robotic needs.



Elodie is the latest generation of 100% autonomous vehicle for indoor operations. It is able to carry up to 100kg and runs 8 hours before automatically going back to its dock.
Elodie doesn’t require any additional add-on for localization, obstacle avoidance and path optimization.

Elodie is fully cybersecured and all communications go safely through your control over the payload, as the vehicle doesn’t require any network.

It carries your Top in full autonomous and complete security.

Define your own Top on Elodie 

A “Top” is a physical payload, fixed on the top of Elodie vehicle, dedicated to your robot’s missions.
• It instructs the Elodie vehicle to move to a location
• It expresses your know-how and business knowledge
• It controls and ensures any connectivity, according to your needs and security standards

Here are several Tops already in use in several industries sectors :
• a welcoming or interractive screen
• an inventory camera system
• a top roller for transporting goods / boxes
• a robotic arm
• Specific sensors or vision systems
• high-energy disinfection lamps…


Simple and quick installation

No network access required

No change to the existing insfrastructure

No robotic knowledge required

No network access required

No change to the existing insfrastructure

No robotic knowledge required

Remote deployment or tablet/smartphone deployment

• Graphical user interface with step by step guidance
• No infrastructure change
• Multiple map support, including multi-level buildings

Infrastructure mapping

• Pre-mapped infrastructure importation or live mapping
• Remote mapping
• Directly operate the vehicle with a real time position feedback on the map
• Real time visualization of map creation
• Map optimization tools

Environment customization

• POI setting, with dedicated naming
• Restricted areas
• Specific areas : traffic conditions regulation (audible and visual alerts), speed setting, narrow areas
• Charging station

How does Elodie operate ?
Elodie, a full autonomous vehicle

Behaviour capabilities

• Fixed and mobile obstacles avoidance, including humans
• Path and trajectory optimization
• Elevator and automatic doors capable

Never get lost

• Self-localization, including in a changing environment

Never get lost

• Self-localization, including in a changing environment


• Energy management
• Energy limits fine-tuning over API
• Partial and fractional charge support

Elodie’s security system

Elodie meets regulatory safety requirements and more 

• EC Certified 
• Obstacles detection and avoidance
• Can turn in-place rotate and get over narrow passages, with only 5 cm lateral clearance
• Visual and sound alerts
• Smart speed adaptation
• Cybersecured

A complete safety bubble that secures the whole robot, your Top included

• 3 to 4 3D cameras, high and low positions
• 1 wide angle camera
• 9 sonars
• Emergency stop button

Build your robot using Elodie


  • Meet a wide range of robotic needs in multiple sectors


  • Improve your customers satisfaction


  • Bring simplicity, ease and security to your customers’ projects.



A versatile solution for all types of business

A common ground for your robots’ integration. Use the same knowledge on several verticals thanks to Elodie versatility: Elodie brings a common hardware base, common simplified software API and common knowledge for deployment and maintenance for all of your robotic needs.

Mobility of your future autonomous robots is guaranteed

Elodie entirely manages your robots mobility. You don’t have to deal with complex security, AI and sensors management software: it’s all packed in one compact and easy to use vehicle.

Workload reduced, speed of execution improved

Mobilize your know-how and spend more time on your customers’ needs.

A unique solution tailored to your customers’ needs, empowered by your knowledge

Elodie let’s you focus on how to serve your customer needs. Empower the knowledge you have of their needs, don’t lose man power, time and money to learn how to get your solution mobile, it’s all packed on Wyca’s vehicles, and for a full set of verticals and situations.

Simple, easy and fast Top integration

Plug the Top onto Elodie : 6 screws, a security and power socket for your convenience, a secured giga-byte standard network link and you’re all set.
Software’s integration is done using our ultra-simple APIs. Robotic knowledge is not required, set a location and order the start, Wyca’s vehicle will move your Top to the remote location, swiftly and in full security.

Increase your margin, get a faster ROI with limited risk and higher costs control

WYCA offers you a full range of cost and risk control : assemble or manufacture Elodie yourself, or negotiate prices and volumes with our closest industrial partners.

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