Robots still need humans

We love deep tech

Achieving autonomous navigation in complex, ever-changing environments, is a tremendous challenge

We take advantage of the  newest hardware available and we implement our strategies on top of the vibrant ROS ecosystem

Wyca team working
Wyca engineer coding in front of her monitor

We develop for developers

We interact permanently with our users, supporting them and adding building blocks as needed to meet their AMR needs

We thrive in an environment where developer feedback guides our design decisions

Wyca’s hardware and software bricks speed up the go to market for new, innovative autonomous mobile robots

Nicolas de Roquette


We care about you

From design to delivery, we leave no stone unturned to ensure that the resulting AMRs are of the utmost quality.
Relying on industry standards and CNC manufacturing, the robots built on the Wyca platform are ready for years of reliable service

Wyca engineer building a robot
Wyca engineer playing piano

Work hard, play hard

Team lunches and piano breaks offer precious bonding times. Our team is partially remote, with a center of gravity located in Toulouse, France, a vibrant city that offers an appealing work/life balance

Wyca is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wants to apply sophisticated technologies to concrete problems, directly improving people’s lives. Get in touch!

William Le Ferrand


Our team

Fanny Lattes
Robotic Engineer
Jeremy Deromedi
Product Owner
Nicolas de Roquette
David Trancart
C++ Tech Lead
David Blondeau
Head of Engineering
William Le Ferrand
Morgane Legland
Solutions Engineer
Benoit Vinatie
Robotic Technician
Abdelhak El Alaoui
Quentin Chenevier
Product Manager
Emmanuel Camus
Mechanical engineer
Nathan Grauer
Robotic Engineer
Loïc Pozas
Platform Engineer